Gábor Gárdián


Lajos Huszár


Gábor Gárdián, a cellist awarded with Golden Cross of Merit of Hungary and ’For the Talents of the Nation’ Prize, is a teacher at the Péter Király-König Music School in Szeged.

He was also a member of the Szeged National Theatre and a leader of the Szeged Symphony Orchestra. He has performed concerts as a soloist as well as with esteemed colleagues in various classical orchestra ensembles in the United States, the Netherlands, China, Italy, and other countries.

His successful teaching career has helped some of his best students go on to win major, international competitions, as well become members in symphony orchestras around the world. Gabor Gardian considers the creating of a highly successful textbook series on cello tutorials to be one of the greatest achievements of his professional career.

The Gardian Cello Tutorials are the most complete summary of the traditions of cello teaching in Europe. They have created a bridge between the past values and innovations of the present, and indispensable professional guidance to the 21st century approach to cello learning.

Lajos Huszár has been awarded the Bartók-Pásztory Award, the Erkel award and the Artisjus award, the highest national prizes that a composer or musician can attain in Hungary.

His lifes’ best work is perhaps represented in his lyrical work, which, create a synthesis between tonal and atonal compositional styles.
In the wake of Béla Balázs’s tale, written in 1994-98, the opera piece entitled “The Silence,” won third prize at the Hungarian State Opera competition.  

As a former professor at the University of Szeged Faculty of Music, the Bartok Bela Conservatory in Budapest and the Nyíregyháza College, he produced outstanding work in Hungarian musician training. In addition, he was an active member in a number of professional organizations, namely: The Hungarian Music Association, the Academy of Music in Budapest Doctoral Committee, the Hungarian Composers’ Union, and the Hungarian Academy of Arts.

After the death of composer András Borgulya, Lajos Huszár continues to ensure the highest musical quality developed and used by the Gardian cello textbook series. In addition, he composes beautiful pieces, transcriptions and piano accompaniment to complete the unique musical system of the Gardian Cello Method.

Composer András Borgulya was a one-time instructor at the Liszt Ferenc Music Academy in Budapest and a former employee of the National State Opera. In addition to an outstanding scholarly career, his name is associated with publishing an internationally renowned handbook series. He wrote the country’s pre-eminent textbook on musical notation. All subsequent music publishing in Hungary was based on his groundbreaking work. András Borgulya was a renowned composer and instructor. His Sonata for violin solo (1980) won the Wieniawski Award in Poland, a competition for composers. He created individual compositions for orchestral and chamber works. András Borgulya created exquisite custom-made pieces which showed great pedagogical and aesthetic prominence in the Gardian Method Cello Tutorial handbooks. He co-authored the esteemed Gardian Method Cello Tutorial handbooks alongside Gabor Gardian. He assumed an irreplaceable role in the creation of this unique methodological system.  It is considered the highest quality music currently available for cello learning.

Norbert Szabó

music notation

László Ádám


Norbert Szabó, flute player, a teacher at the Béla Bartók Faculty of Arts of Szeged University, at István Vántus Secondary School of Music of Szeged. In addition to his outstanding professional success, he made good progress in the development of digital tools and methods used in Hungarian music education.
Beyond his teaching and performing activities, he is a member of the Doctoral School of Education of the University of Szeged, where he conducts gap-filling research in the field of pedagogical methods applicable to digital music education.

Graphic artist László Ádám was born in 1955 in Budapest. After graduating from high school, he joined Pannonia Film Studio. Since then, he has been working mainly on creating various Hungarian cartoons, animations, and other graphic works and illustrations.
The figure of the cello-playing hamster in the textbooks of Gardian Cello Tutorials was created at the request of composer András Borgulya and cellist Gábor Gárdián.  Over the past years, he has been working on new cartoon illustrations for the cello book series. For the children’s delight, he added many fun scenes that follow along with the student’s progress and (sometimes tiring) practicing routine, conveying a sense of fun and humor.


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