Cello tutorial

Volume II/1. - The basics of playing in various positions
Volume II/2. - Developing the playing technique

Volumes II/1. and II/2. of the Cello Tutorial guide students through various playing positions. The volumes follow the clear outline of the previous ones in terms of their structure, as technical exercises and compositions for two cellos or pieces to be accompanied by a piano, and can be grouped into thematic units.

The Cello Tutorial contains abundant and impeccable quality material for the development of martelé and double stops, the mastery of staccato, chromatic playing, and spiccato, as well as the practice of using a tenor clef. It also provides systematic guidance in navigating the most common ornaments, all with the help of carefully selected, beautiful musical material.

These volumes are an indispensable collection for cellists progressing towards the middle level. The Gárdián Cello Tutorial series is a logically developed syllabus that is unique in the world. The volumes are sufficient for the optimal development of students preparing for a musical career without the need for any other additions, thanks to the impressive collection of music pieces and the quality published in them. They also satisfy the needs of people of all tastes globally, including those who simply want to play the cello for pleasure, transforming the sometimes tiring day-to-day life of learning musical instruments into a rich experience and process.


Shostakovich: Street Organ – Gardian Cello Tutorial, Volume II/1.  

Puccini: Solo di Lauretta  – Gardian Cello Tutorial, Volume II/2.  

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