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Based on several decades of practice and broad international experience, we offer innovative and professional solutions in many areas of cello learning and teaching that are easily accessible to everyone.


In the form of individual lessons or consultations, we offer assistance with developing different playing techniques, music and performance skill building, planning pedagogical processes, designing teaching materials, and methods of practical knowledge transfer.


To broaden professional communication and international dialogue, we offer innovative music pedagogy and methodological courses, presentations, performances, and lectures for music instructor communities and institutions in string forums and training institutes.

Preparation for competitions

In the framework of lessons or individual consultations online or in person, we offer support in developing specific skills for exceptionally talented students preparing for national and international competitions.

Chamber music

Transcripts of cello chamber music's classical and greatest hits, with impeccable musical quality, can be made to order for students of different knowledge levels for performances.

Transcripts of curricula development

Colorful and practical exercises are integrated into the teaching process to ensure optimal musical and technical development from beginner levels to the concert stage. These include composing pieces on request and developing new curricula.

Purchasing an instrument

Assistance in purchasing master violin and cello instruments of the highest standards of European instrument-making traditions from excellent Hungarian and Eastern European manufacturers.

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