Gábor Gárdián

“Music is as critical to life as air…there is no substitute. Without music, one cannot be a complete human.” 
Zoltán Kodály

Gábor Gárdián is a cellist, master teacher, and creator of Hungary’s main cello teaching syllabus.

After graduating, he started his career as a teacher at Liszt Ferenc Music School of Szeged. For several decades he worked as a leading cellist at the National Theatre of Szeged and was a member of the Szeged Symphonic Orchestra.

He has performed concerts as a soloist and with esteemed colleagues in various classical orchestra ensembles in the United States, China, Finland, the Netherlands, Italy, and other countries.

His successful teaching career has helped some of his best students win major international competitions and become members of symphony orchestras or excellent teachers worldwide.

Gábor Gárdián considers the creation of his highly successful textbook series on cello tutorials to be one of the most outstanding achievements of his professional career.

The Gardian Cello Tutorials are part of the official music teaching directions by the Hungarian Educational Ministry and are the main sources of cello pieces used at national cello competitions.

Gábor Gárdián is currently working on the international marketing of the Gardian Cello Method and the Chinese publication of his textbooks. In October 2019, Shanghai Music Publishing House decided to publish his tutorials in the Chinese-English-Hungarian languages in China.

He strives to further develop Hungarian music teaching and its international integration and popularization. He is driven by a mission to create a bridge between Eastern and Western musical traditions, past values, and future expectations to help foster a nobel musical education for new generations.

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MOL Master-M Award 2021

Ildikó Molnár-Gábor

"He guides our child's path in the world of music with patience and love."

Zsófia Günther-Mészáros

"The years I spent with my teacher, Mr. Gárdián, laid the foundation for my life's path. Thank you for everything."

Rita Panna Deák

"Gábor Gárdián is one of the most outstanding and influential teachers I have ever met in my life."

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