Gábor Gárdián's Cello Tutorials are attractive and entertaining learning curricula. As a child, I would have enjoyed going through this fairy-tale adventure-filled journey of learning the cello. I recommend it to anyone who wants to connect with this beautiful instrument!
András Batta
Musicologist, former director of Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, Budapest
"I always knew that Gábor was a very successful artist and teacher. While working together, I was able to unravel his 'secret' - he is DEDICATED. Such an approach includes everything that makes a person happy and successful. I wholeheartedly recommend his cello method because I know it came from his heart!"
Norbert Szabó
Flutist, professor of University of Kaposvár
„I think that the cello books of Gábor Gárdián are a significant completion to Hungarian cello education. They are elegant and beautifully designed and vividly demonstrate the difficulties of playing the cello and the possibilities of overcoming them.”
Valentin Feigin
Cellist, professor of Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory
„The Gárdián cello method preserves the traditions of the best European-Hungarian learning materials for cello education. It is a modern, logically constructed material that ensures gradual progress from one stage to the next and makes world music accessible from the center of Hungarian national music. I strongly support its promotion in music education institutions in the United States and Canada.”
Tamás Kedves
Cellist, professor of Music Faculty of Szeged University
„The years I spent with my teacher, Gábor Gárdián laid the foundation for my life and helped me to be one of those lucky people who earn their living doing what they love. Thanks for everything.”
Zsófia Günther-Mészáros
Cellist of Wiener Symphonicer Orchestra
„When I was eight years old, I decided to learn to play the cello after hearing one of Gábor Gárdián's cello performances. I spent the next seven years studying with him and his cello textbooks. With his help and following the adventures of the little hamster cartoons on the textbook pages, I learned to play the cello and music without difficulty and with great joy. I hope to teach my students with similar success using subsequent editions of the volumes.”
Kézia Andrejcsik
„In recognition of the professional and didactic/pedagogical value of Gardian Cello Tutorials, this work is highly forward-thinking in its concept, design, and selection of music pieces. I highly recommend the quick publication of Gábor Gárdián's curriculum as soon as possible in the hope his great work will help national and international cello training.”
Csaba Onczay
Cellist, professor of Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, Budapest
"I wish you every success in spreading this beautifully designed and cleverly constructed work as soon as possible."
Ede Banda
Leading cellist of the Hungarian National Philharmonic Orchestra
"Gábor Gárdián’s work is an entirely new and exquisitely structured, attractive material, full of folk songs and original compositions. Not to mention the hilarious illustrations, which are teasers in a world where the value of craftsmanship is little appreciated. Considering gradual development, his books present new and carefully devised elements in cello technique and theory, which young cellists can learn playfully."
Pál Banda
Cellist, professor of Royal College of Music, London
"The Gardian cello curriculum is highly compact, focused, and purposeful. Professionally, all essential components are found within its pages. Nothing has been left out. Musical scales and other exercises are organically built into the curriculum, in which the author managed to pass the most useful pieces of Hungarian authors for posterity. Among the materials I have known so far in the world, Gardian textbooks are the best suited to lay the foundations for the advancement of talented students, but at the same time, everyone else finds joy in them. His thematically selected performance pieces make the difficult journey of learning an instrument into a joyful process for all students."
Károly Ádám
Cellist, professor of Faculty of Music of Debrecen University
"He accepts children as they are and raises them with love, not force. He lifts students and gives them a progress-supporting system."
Richárd Lovász
Teacher of history and geography
"This school is filled with life-it's outstanding! I wish for many young talents to grow up with this cello-learning method. My heartfelt congratulations!"
László Mező
Cellist, professor of Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, Budapest
"I warmly congratulate Gábor Gárdián on this beautiful and conceptual work."
Imre Mező
Composer, musical editor
„I am happy that something doomed for 'extinction' in the pedagogical world is being 'reborn'. Congratulations!"
Sándor Szokolay
Composer, musical director of Hungarian National Radio and Television
"The beautiful exterior covers a rich and meaningful interior compiled with outstanding professional knowledge and practical experience."
Endre Lengyel
Cellist, professor of Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, Budapest
Ernő Király
"The Gardian Cello Tutorial is an impressive and significant work. It is very logical and thoughtful in its editing and construction. The musical pieces are presented to a high standard, and the design is beautiful and clear."
Máté Hollós
Composer, professor, director of Hungaroton Music Ltd.
"Every lesson is a unique and pleasant experience if you study with Mr. Gárdián."
Tekla Sáry
Doctor of dentisty

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